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KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R StudioKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R StudioKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R StudioKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R Studio
KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R ActionKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R ActionKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R ActionKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R ActionKTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R Action

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Special #4

Features & Benefits Video

Style Setup

360°, Pics & Wallpapers

  • The optical orange highlights on your bike, a must have for every "ORANGE BLEEDER"
  • CNC machined from high quality aluminium
  • Orange anodized surface

  • Very stylish smooth carbon surface made by Akrapovic
  • Lighter, but stronger and stiffer than stock splash protection and chainguard
  • Easy to mount on stock mounting points

  • Typical Akrapovic sound
  • Manufactured from high quality titanium
  • 1,5 kg less than the stock silencer
  • Cool and perfect racing look for legal street use (EC-Approved)
  • Extremely stylish laser engraved 1290 Super Duke R / Akrapovic Logo
  • Plug-and-play system, no new EFI mapping needed

  • Cool and stylish race bike optic for street use
  • Changes the bike into a race bike only in few seconds

  • Racing optic
  • More stability and feeling for the front end
  • Faster cornering, improved handling
  • More stability during hard braking
  • Less friction in the clamping range, suspension can't bind
  • High quality CNC machined, orange anodized aluminium triple clamp

  • High quality durable black & orange anodized aluminium lever
  • Lever folds away upwards in event of crash
  • Adjustable lever length
  • Adjustable grip width
  • EC Approved


Race Setup

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  • Race proven and street legal approved
  • Stabile brake performance
  • Less operating force necessary, but more brake power
  • No fading

  • Newly designed, tested and developed for the 1290 Super Duke R
  • No damage for engine, frame and fuel tank in case of a crash

  • Full exhaust system without any restrictions
  • Complete exhaust system made from extremely lightweight titanium
  • Increased performance and torque
  • Perfect function with the special provided EFI mapping
  • dB killer removable
  • Includes race air filter and SLS removal kit
  • For race use only

    • Fully adjustable for the rider's needs (5 Positions, 20 mm up and down / 25 mm front and back adjustable)
    • Machined from high quality aluminium, anodized surface
    • Racing optic
    • Reverse shifting possible

    • Perfect solution for track days and every ambitious racer
    • Smaller shape and approx. 2 cm higher fiberglass Race Seat
    • More mobility in fast direction changes and easier hanging off
    • Better feedback from your 1290 Super Duke R and the track
    • Easy to mount with the existing mounting points

    • High performance racing steering damper by WP Suspension (used by our Moto3 Factory Team)
    • Adjustable damping in 30 clicks from light damping for street use up to hard cushioning for race track use
    • Mounting bracket included

    • MotoGP race style for your 1290 Super Duke R
    • A MUST HAVE for extra coolness and safety
    • No accidental braking or clutching in case of contact with another rider


    Touring Setup

    360°, Pics & Wallpapers

    • Patented RoadLok technology provides best possible anti-theft protection
    • Permanently mounted on the brake caliper
    • A hardened steel bolt slides into the holes of the brake disc
    • The bike can´t be moved back or forward
    • No risk of falling if you forget to unlock the Radial Roadlok
    • CNC machined, orange anodized aluminium bracket

    • Newly designed side bags for sporty touring
    • Volume each side: approx. 18 l
    • Waterproof inner bags
    • Unique luggage system due to almost invisible carrier system
    • Perfectly integrated in the 1290 Super Duke R design and easy to mount

    • Bracket designed for all Garmin GPS navigation units
    • Integrated in the 1290 Super Duke R dashboard design
    • Perfect in the riders field of vision
    • Minimal vibrations
    • Easy to install
    • Robust design

      • Fresh and sporty look
      • Optimized smaller shape
      • Special 3D structure mesh and tunnel form foam
      • Perfect pressure distribution
      • Advanced mobility on the bike
      • Increased comfort
      • Approx. 2 cm higher for increased sportiness

      • No more cold fingers in the rain, cold temperature, in autumn or winter riding conditions
      • Two heating stages for best comfort
      • Easy mounting: Plug and Play System
      • 45° grip temperature after 5 min.
      • Perfect balance between heating power and current consumption
      • Smaller diameter than off-the-shelf heated grips:
      • More feeling for brake, clutch and throttle

      • New fresh look
      • Perfect design matching to riders Ergo Seat


      Special #8


      The winners
      The four winners of our competition have been chosen. A summer full of fun, pure action and extreme performance is waiting for them. You decide who of the four will keep his KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R.
      Here we go

      We´ll start at the beginning of April. Each of the four winners gets a KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R equipped with a PowerParts Setup chosen by them. Whether in the city or on the race track - for you they´ll report on their experiences while riding the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R.
      Support your favourite
      You are the jury. It is up to you to decide who is going to keep the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R. Follow the international coverage on our KTM social media channels and share your favourite with our KTM community on facebook and our official KTM Blog.
      The more votes your favourite gets the closer it will take him to his KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R:

      Special #9

      1. When and where will the new KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R be available for sale or order?

      At the beginning of December the first models of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R can be seen in showrooms of authorized European KTM dealers (in North America at the beginning of 2014). The KTM dealers offer professional advice on the new SUPER DUKE R and will take any orders.


      2.What does the new SUPER DUKE R cost?

      For your guidance: in Germany the SUPER DUKE R costs EUR 15.495 (including taxes). In other countries the SUPER DUKE R can vary in price due to national tax rates.


      3. Is there an alternative to the series registration plate holder?

      Yes, there is a short version of the registration plate holder available in the PowerParts product range (see Style Setup or picture above).


      4. Is the Akrapovič exhaust of the prototype available as an accessory part?

      The exhaust system of the prototype is an individual item that was designed only for show purposes. As a result of the incredibly loud sound and the applicable exhaust emission standards, this exhaust system cannot be applied on the production version. For clarification as to how loud it actually is: Initially the video of the prototype was supposed to be recorded on a race track – but there was no chance, as the volume is comparable to a starting jet fighter. In the end we tried our luck at a place where you can usually meet jet fighters and the airport luckily gave us approval for the video shoot of this Mattighofen made ‘Fighter Jet’.


      5. Is there an alternative to the displayed series exhaust system?

      The KTM PowerParts product range offers a street-legal Akrapovič slip-on axle back exhaust (see Style Setup or picture above), as well as an Akrapovič titanium exhaust system  (only for racing use, see Race Setup). Equipped with these PowerParts peak performance and torque of the SUPER DUKE can be increased whilst reducing the weight at the same time.


      6. Are the setups available as package or individual part respectively?

      The displayed setups of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R are merely suggestions for individualization. All PowerParts are available as individual parts at your authorized KTM dealer. The dealers adapt the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R according to the displayed setup alternatives or according to individual customer specifications. At you can find the entire PowerParts product range. (as of 2014)


      7. Why the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R isn´t equipped with a quick shifter?

      Former tests with quick shifters revealed that the system is suboptimal for all riding conditions (race track/ country road/ city) and is incompatible with the components available today given the big performance and displacement two-cylinder engine concept. For the future model years KTM is working on a quick shifter that should be available as a PowerPart. We will first offer the quick shifter when it complies with our quality requirements and only when it enhances the overall riding experience.


      8. When is the first service required?

      The first service becomes due at 1000 km, afterwards every 15000 km or every year. To preserve the voluntary manufacturer´s warranty it´s necessary to have the annual service carried out by an authorized dealer.


      9. What´s the top speed of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R?

      Homologated top speed: 290 km/h


      10. Does the engine fit into a KTM RC8 R?

      Basically, the engine would fit into the RC 8 R, however the engine is in no way adapted to components like the airbox, mechanic throttle valve body, exhaust system, etc. The effort of application would be tremendous.


      11. Can the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R keep up with Superbikes?

      On the road - yes. Thanks to the riding dynamic and the qualities of chassis, engine and electronic systems. Even on the race track the new 1290 SUPER DUKE R is fast - at test rides we drew level with Superbikes - with advantages on slower sections and a slight disadvantage in faster routes (as the aerodynamic disadvantage of the naked SD compared to any full-faired Superbike increase at high speed). But the riding enjoyment is incredible – no matter which road or track.


      12. Is it possible to do a wheelie on the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R?

      Even with activated traction control the front wheel can be lifted in a controlled manner. Depending on the chosen mode the front wheel will catch for safety reasons prior to the achievement of a certain degree of the wheelie. With traction control disabled wheelies are possible at any time – even up to 180 degree.


      Special #10


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      Special #11


      Discover the Beast

      big boss

      big boss

      From zero to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 7.2 seconds – with low fuel consumption and a 15,000 km service interval

      What happens when KTM packs the attributes of the proven 75-degree V-twin into 1.3 litres of displacement? The result is an extremely lightweight, elemental engine filled with state-of-the-art racing technology, yet still even more sophisticated, durable and cultivated than ever. 132 kW (180 hp) peak power, 144 Nm maximum torque with 100 Nm as early as 2500 rpm – could there be better guarantees for explosive propulsion whatever the revs?

      drop anchor hard and reliably

      drop anchor hard and reliably

      Racing-level deceleration – with optimum ABS for emergencies

      Fast bikes need good brakes – the KTM 1290 Super Duke R bears the best. Brembo M50 monoblock callipers bite powerfully with perfect application into 320 mm brake discs – assisted in the event of an emergency stop by Bosch ABS that's imperceptible in normal operation, even when riding full throttle. Except of course in Supermoto mode: ABS up front; freedom to slide at the rear!

      smart wins

      smart wins

      Optimum acceleration as well then, whenever the throttle hand turns a little too wildly.

      Opening up the throttle is fun – all the more so when it unleashes the elemental force of a 1290 Super Duke R. Nevertheless, overdoing it can end in tears, so it's great when ride-by-wire intervenes at such moments. The 1290 Super Duke R intelligently translates rider's commands at the throttle twist grip into electronic opening of the throttle valve. And always in the way that makes best sense. This means, for example, that the engine accelerates more smoothly. And hence that the rear wheel only rotates as much as is just about still healthy. Incidentally, the rider notices none of this assistance. Only that everything always makes optimum forward progress.

      party boy

      party boy

      Let others work for themselves – the traction control determines throttle response and slide angle

      Party – simply overdo it for once without worries. Everyone likes to, which is why the 1290 Super Duke R uses one of the world's most advanced traction control systems. Open up the throttle. Let the many horses run free. It doesn't matter - before they start to stampede, traction control intervenes. Sooner or later, depending on the mode selected. But always smoothly and safely thanks to Bosch and Keihin ride-by-wire.

      works of art

      works of art

      Finest components for perfect handling – for mile after mile of pleasure!

      Mechanics can be so beautiful – above all, when designers can draw on unlimited resources. Whether it be the CroMo steel tubular space frame, the single-sided swingarm, the fork or the shock absorber, the 1290 Super Duke R is made from only the finest components. Perfectly arranged and tuned with one another, for only so are such excellent steering precision or such gigantic reserves created. See if you can find anything like it anywhere else – take a test ride!

      seven-league boots

      seven-league boots

      Grip in every situation, steering precisely as desired – perfect tyres for perfect riding pleasure

      Not only do the intricate, low-pressure, die-cast wheels look good, they are also very stable and light. And then the tyres: With seamlessly wound belt stitching and tread, the tailor-made Dunlop Sportsmart² on the Super Duke R enter new technological territory. For even wear, perfect steering behaviour and sensational grip in cold, hot or wet conditions. And fantastic ride stability.

      light, stiff, beautiful!

      light, stiff, beautiful!

      Simple wheel changing, easy chain servicing – and still so stylish!

      The most beautiful components are created when cost is no object – for example, the singe-sided swingarm on the 1290 Super Duke R. Stiff and muscular, it is a potent partner when the Super Duke unleashes its torque and riding dynamics. With 50 mm rear axle and eccentric adjustment – and still much lighter than normal single-sided swingarms. Normal? Not quite!



      Simply get on and feel comfortable. Everyone. Male or female.

      Have you ever thought about seat position? Stack and reach, leg arch length, seat height, seat foam, knee angle and knee contact, handlebar width, position and offset, the Shore hardness of grip rubbers, tall riders, short riders, fat or skinny – a hell of a lot of work and brainpower goes into it. On every motorcycle. But only on a few is the seat position as successful as on the 1290 Super Duke R. Something we're very proud of.



      Extreme? Yes. User value? Still very high.

      Surprises are best when nobody expects them. For example, the 1290 Super Duke R is highly economical with fuel. It has a 15,000 km service interval. Daytime running light as standard. An instrument with the most extensive info or the world's simplest mode switching. A placid rain mode with even higher fuel economy. Amazing wind protection and comfort. And still all the talents of the beast.

      Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and the others

      Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and the others

      As you like it – at the press of a button.

      It can be well-behaved and gentle, but also wild and spontaneous – the modes change the character of the 1290 Super Duke R perceptibly. Rain: smooth, limited power, with early intervening traction control. Street: sporty but effective, always appropriate and super-swift. Sport? The full works, with sharp teeth and controlled drift feeling. Plus: Supermoto ABS for all pure drifters. And to top it all, deactivation modes for ABS and traction control – for true tough nuts.

      Tech Specs


      Engine type 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, V 75°
      Displacement 1.301 ccm
      Bore/stroke 108/71 mm
      Power 132 kW (180 HP) at 8.870 rounds/min
      Starting aid Electric starter/12V 11.2Ah
      Transmission 6 gears
      Engine lubrication Pressure lubrication with 3 Eaton pumps
      Cooling system Liquid cooling
      Clutch PASC slipper clutch, hydraulically operated
      Engine management/ignition Keihin EMS with DBW, double ignition


      Frame Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel trellis frame, powder coated
      Handlebar Aluminium, konifiziert Ø 28/22 mm
      Front suspension WP-USD Ø 48 mm
      Rear suspension WP-Monoshock
      Front brake 2 x Brembo four piston, radially bolted caliper, brake disc Ø 320 mm
      Rear brake Brembo fixed mounted two-piston brake calipers
      Brake system Bosch 9M+ ABS with SuperMoto Mode
      Chain X-Ring 5/8 x 5/16"
      Steering head angle 65,1°
      Wheel base 1.482 ± 12 mm
      Ground clearance 140 mm
      Seat height 835 mm
      Tank capacity 18 l Unleaded premium fuel (95 RON)
      Dry weight 189 kg

      Discuss the Beast

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      1. ktmguy 7 hours ago
        Took mine back yesterday for a refund over the rear wheel hub issue. No parts, probably sitting at the dealer for weeks.Not good enough for a top of the range expensive bike. No support or action to resolve this potential dangerous issue from KTM. Very poor service, hope others will follow suit.Long time KTM fan no more!
        1. Jun Ant
          Jun Ant 9 hours ago
          WHATS UP WITH THIS "REAR WHEEL PLAY"?with just over 2k miles my "beast" it also has rear wheel play!!took it to the dealer last week for a fixed up and was told that "it only needs to be torque to the right spec". and so I asked: "and after that will there be play?" ..."no play" I was told.will be picking her up soon, I just hope it turns out right.
          1. Christopher John DiCenzo
            Christopher John DiCenzo 11 hours ago
            does anyone know if this thing comes with the orange and white rims with "RACING" on them that is often displayed in pictures online for this bike? At first i thought it did, but know im starting to think it only comes in black.
            1. riffler 20 hours ago
              I also have the rear wheel play.This seems to effect more than half the bikes in Australia and it appears to effect many round the world.Its potentially dangerous.I've contacted my dealer and the bikes they have on the showroom floor also have this issue, but at this time KTM Austria, and Australia appear to have no resolution.This is potentially dangerous as the rear wheel moves/clunks from side to side unlike any bike i have ever owned and the load/torque is ...not safe. Please make a recall.
              2 repliesFLAG INAPPROPRIATE
              1. Black1290 19 hours ago
                No good complaining here, I don't think KTM even look at this site anymore now they have finished using it as a "teaser".
              2. robertkehl 11 hours ago
                I also have the rear hub play as well. My bike has under 1k on the clocks. Took it to my dealer in Livermore, ca. last weekend. They found a little under 1mm of play and said they would contact Ktm. I also would like to note, while I was waiting for them to check the hub play. They had to demo bikes in the show room. Both of these bikes had the play as well. The sales guy just shook his head. I had a 98 Honda VFR800 with 17k on it. And it had zero play. So I don't think its normal to have play in the wheel bearings or hub bearings. I sure hope ktm is listening. Because there is a lot of us owner of the 1290r that are not comfortable with play in the hub. We ride are bikes hard and don't want a catastrophic failure while we are riding the Beast. Please fix the problem Ktm, don't wait for someone to get hurt. for more info, goto and take the I have play in my hub survey. The more info out there the quicker we will get this issue fixed.
            2. fbgracing 4 days ago
              Anyone out there having a problem with there clutch slipping!!Hard on the throttle at 6k in 4th 5th when the revs hit 7.5k the clutch slips!! Doesn't happen every time?? some days worse than others. Very annoying.. Any ideas??
              1. FFlash 1 week ago
                Anyone know if there is anyone alive at KTM USA? I've never gotten an answer at the phone number they humorously list as their "Customer Service" line. I did receive a call back one time after leaving a message but the person I spoke with had no idea of what could be done to fix the wacko speedo problem everyone has. He 'promised' to find an answer and call back in a few days but 10 days down the road I've not heard back.Here's their phone number, see if you can get to talk to someone! 1 (440) 985-3553
                2 repliesFLAG INAPPROPRIATE
                1. Jun Ant
                  Jun Ant 1 week ago
                  I got intouch with some one at the Ohio headquarters (440) 985-3553) today. I told him about the famous "rear wheel wobble" or "rear wheel play"...
                2. JIM820
                  JIM820 1 week ago
                  Thank you Very much for the Link!
              2. ducman996s 1 week ago
                hey cannucker at this time i have to declinei have family issues to pay for ..the superduke will have to wait..
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                1. gio339 1 week ago
                  I have over 1,000 miles on my 1290R. I love this bike. Bravo to KTM for creating such a thrilling and polished new model. I have owned many motorcycles (and currently own 4 bikes); but this is my first KTM. The positives: (1) motor has torque everywhere and lots of personality, (2) ride-all-day comfortable for me, (3) excellent overall fueling, even on/off throttle, (4) nice brake feel and power, (5) predictable and progressive handling, (6) reasonably good gearbox, and (7) the bike looks like an angry bull ready to charge. The dynamic elements of this bike are so well sorted that you easily lose sight of your rate of speed until you blast by other vehicles. My wishlist: should be able to select 'sport' response with 'road' traction control, a quickshifter would enhance the fun, eliminate the big twin surge/hunt at steady throttle. I have not regretted my 1290R purchase for one moment. If you're on the fence -- I'd say get one!
                  FLAG INAPPROPRIATE
                  1. JIM820
                    JIM820 1 week ago
                    Looking for more info on "Quick Shift / Lash Cap" topic along with Rear Axle Bearing and Steering Hub Bearing topic! I just walked away from a Orange SD...not sure of my choice! Loved the Test Ride but the "New" bike issues got to me. I WANT A QUICK SHIFT! If 2014 isn't compatible then 2015 SHOULD!! Maybe a "Matte" Black next year!
                    FLAG INAPPROPRIATE
                    1. Black1290 1 week ago
                      Is this now a classifieds forum?CANUCKKTMER, after 7 posts in 2 days, I think we get it.You have a 1290 for sale, Yah?
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